The Social Prescribing Revolution is Here

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Nursing one of his beloved daughters to her death at age ten led Charles Darwin to consider the role of suffering and compassion in natural selection. He would later theorise in Descent of Man that sympathy, a word probably closer to what we understand today as empathy, is an instinct even stronger than self-interest. Darwin’s work offers insight as to why the act of suffering together – … Read More

Suicide Prevention Starts With Community

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Suicide. Everyone has different reactions when I mention the word. These reactions include sadness, loss, guilt, interest, anger, surprise, concern, unsure, jokes, laughter, remembrance, and silence. For some, they remember the person they lost. Others talk about suicide with keen interest, perhaps from a philosophical, ethical, social, or personal viewpoint. No matter whom I’ve spoken with, I have found that … Read More

Mind the Gap when you Return to Work

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Getting back into the office offers an opportunity for us to rethink how we socialise with colleagues and make the most of our work relationships. This is our chance to improve our wellbeing as well as how we work in the 21st century. You are what you need. As a human, I miss you. I miss being near you. When … Read More

What a Car Accident Taught me about Pain and Community

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A summer day turned into the scariest day of my life Saturday 23rd December 2017 was a beautiful summer day in Melbourne. I was about to experience my first Christmas in summer, and my fiance had decided we would get ourselves some nice food from our favourite Italian supermarket. That morning he wanted to take the car, but I insisted … Read More

How to Deal with Lockdown Fatigue

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How Can We Deal With Lockdown Fatigue? If I never hear the words; lockdown, close contact, primary contact, secondary contact, household contact, community cases, vaccine hesitancy, contact tracing, robust data, outbreak, Delta variant, it will be too soon. All of Australia has had a taste of lockdown by now, but for Melburnians this is lockdown number five, which equates to more than … Read More

Ghosts of a Lockdown Past: Stories of Melburnians in a Post-Isolation World

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After seven months of ‘lockdown’, Melburnians are now finally starting to get back to the things and people they love. Many are rejoicing, and so they should! It’s safe to say lockdown was tough for all of us. Losing loved ones, relationships, jobs, social interaction, holidays and housing; lockdown proved challenging, to say the least. The recent easing of restrictions has provided a light … Read More

Exploit the Powerful Invisible Forces of Ethos and Environment

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This post is part of our series on The 5 Evidence-based Foundations of a Mentally Healthy Workplace. What do ethos and environment mean in a workplace context? Ethos and environment are broad terms though can be boiled down in a professional context to workplace culture. Workplace ethos, environment and culture refer to the overarching values, beliefs, expectations and practices of … Read More

Empower Employees with Wellbeing Training & Education

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This post is part of our series on The 5 Evidence-based Foundations of a Mentally Healthy Workplace. What is empowering education? Empowering education is training or education that empowers those who receive it. Truly empowering education should increase self-efficacy in the skill area and encourage individuals to implement the training to improve themselves and their environment with the new knowledge. … Read More