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Proactive Mental Health Support

employee assistance program

  • Employee Assistance Program

    Same day response. Stand out therapists. Compassionate and Confidential. You may know EAP, but not like this. This is EAP evolved. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW OUR EAP WORKS

  • Sentinel Event System

    There are key events in life and work that are known triggers for poor mental health. We don't wait for crisis. We reach out first.

  • Critical Response

    No workplace can completely eliminate the chance of tragedy. When that happens, we'll be there for you.

Workforce Capability Building

training and development
  • Mental Health First Aid certification

    Empower staff and leaders with the skills to spot early-warning signs and handle mental health moments at work.

  • Pioneering Digital Wellbeing Platform

    Most wellbeing apps just collect data and send notifications. Not ours. It's designed by health behaviour modification experts that drive real physical action and builds company culture at the same time.

  • Leadership Coaching

    Leadership skills can make or break an organisation. But, there's no roadmap for the complexity of modern business. Share insights and hard-won wisdom with C-suite veterans.

  • Peer Support

    No one knows the challenges of your workplace like your staff. They are therefore the greatest resource for building team resilience.

  • Mindfulness

    Finding clarity of thought and staying calm under pressure is essential in the modern workplace. Learn evidence-based and field-tested skills from experienced practitioners.

  • Financial Fitness

    Money worries are the single largest driver of poor mental health in Australia. But more budget advice alone isn't enough. The secret is combining financial skills with psychological principles of behaviour change

  • Psychometric Assessments

    Not all psychometric tests are equal. We use only the most scientifically robust personality tests available to give you genuine insight on self and team dynamics.

  • Bespoke workshops

    No two businesses are the same, and neither are our workshops. We design them in consultation with you to meet your unique needs. Show me some examples!

psychological safety

Strategic Prevention

  • Psychological Health and Safety Audits and Analytics

    Prepare for the future of stricter psychological health and safety standards with organisation-wide analytics. Our expert consultants will guide you in developing policies and how to practically comply with them.

  • Change Management

    Managed well change initiatives can propel your organisation into a brighter future. Done poorly, it can be disastrous for your people's minds and the bottom line. We can help you map out the path ahead and walk it with you.

  • Workforce Sustainability

    We're not your typical wellbeing company. We know first-hand the challenge of balancing the many tensions of running a business. We mix pragmatism, compassion and real-world experience to make sure your people are able to perform sustainably for the long-run.