Achieving through change.

Our network


Allos Australia has a network of clinical and non-clinical therapists across the most populated areas of Australia and New Zealand.

We are continually expanding this network and if you have staff in areas where we do not presently have coverage, we will build capacity in those areas so as to ensure that all your staff have the option of face-to-face consultations. In addition, we also provide the option of phone and video sessions for staff and family members at home or overseas.

Our EAP services team partners with empathetic therapists and allied health professionals who share our values and are dedicated to making meaningful impact in the lives of others. If that sounds like you, we encourage you to get in touch.

Meet Team Allos

Adam Carrozza

Managing Director

Bachelor Applied Science - Psychology (honors) - RMIT

Graduate Diploma Psychology - Monash University

Certificate -  Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Practitioner - DHHS

Bachelor Vocational Education and Training - Melbourne University

With over 30 years of senior management roles across; government, not-for-profit, and private enterprise; Adam has built a reputation for driving pragmatic innovation. 

Notably, he led development of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and was chair of the NDS national committee on NDIS preparedness, as well as the Manager of Statewide services of Behavioural Intervention for Department of Human Services. Adam has also faced and overcome significant adversity on his journey. He uses this hard-won wisdom to guide other leaders through trying times. 

Adam oversees all business development and ensures an ethical approach to everything we do.

Antony Malmo

Director Change and Capability

Change Management Practitioner - APMG International

B.Sc Biology Major- Latrobe University

B.A Psychology Major - Latrobe University

Certificate - Qualitative / Quantitative Research Methods - University of Amsterdam

Antony leads the development and implementation of our whole-of-organisation approaches to mental health and wellbeing. 

Antony has spent more than 15 years working with staff and leaders, both internationally and domestically; across banking, manufacturing, and care industries, gaining insights into what really improves productivity, adaptability and resilience in an increasingly complex and unpredictable world. 

With a passion for systems thinking and a background in science, art, education and business, he brings together our diverse subject matter experts to deliver holistic wellbeing in a continuum from high-level strategy through to practical implementation.

Coralie Ponsinet

Workforce Sustainability

M.Sc Economic for Natural Resources & Environmental Management - Cranfield University

Masters degree equivalent in Engineering - INSA Rouen

Mental Health First Aid - MHFA Australia

In her previous life Coralie was a Corporate Governance Analyst, as well as a Sustainability Consultant in health, safety and environment auditing and reporting. Her switch to the wellbeing space came about after experiencing burnout and chronic pain.

Coralie combines her extensive analytical and communications skills with her personal experiences to design workforce sustainability strategies, help clients achieve their ESG goals, and facilitate workshops focused on providing employees the vitality, capabilities, and resources to meet current and future organisational performance demands while sustaining their mental health on and off the job. 

Coralie has a dual Masters in environmental management and chemical engineering.

Thea Baker

Lead Clinical Consultant

Master of Counselling (Monash University)

Graduate Diploma Human Resources Management (Bournemouth University)

Member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)

Member of International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT)

Associate member of the EMDR Association of Australia

Thea works with Allos as our lead clinical consultant. She has over 25 years experience as a Clinical counsellor and HR executive.

Thea is a noisy advocate about mental health being a part of whole-person health who believes that we have somehow got into a place where we see physical health in terms of strength and fitness whilst mental health is viewed through a lens of stigma, dysfunction and illness.  Thea is also a passionate educator and speaker and loves opportunities to work with small professional groups as well as larger presentations within the health and wellbeing industry. 

Nick Watts

Psychological Health and Safety

MBA - Henley Business School

B.Sc Operational Research & Computing - Leeds Beckett University

Caring Leadership

Courageous Leadership

Managing Innovative Change

Mental Health First Aid

Dare to Lead Leadership Program - CTDLF

Nick Watts, alongside John Holt, heads up our New Lens Program. Nick guides organisations to move beyond a compliance-only focus around health and safety to a practical organisation-wide strategy.  His particular expertise is in delivering sustainable business benefits by linking employee welfare to strategies and performance indicators. 

Nick has an MBA in Project Management and over 30 years of operational management experience in government and private sectors. Prior to working with Allos, Nick was GM of Health, Safety, Environment and Wellbeing at BAI and has worked across many industries, including Demand Chain Management, Healthcare and Telecommunications.

John Holt

Psychological Health and Safety

ISO 45001 Lead Auditor

PhD - Occupational Health History - University of Western Australia (incomplete)

MSc History & Sociology - Glasgow Caledonian University

Certificate IV - Training & Assessment

John also leads our New Lens program, providing coaching, support and guidance to our clients in continually seeking better ways to create a positive and collaborative future-fit working environment.  John focuses on leveraging clients’ own capacity with critical thought leadership around how psychosocial health and safety shapes the individual and shared working experience. 

John has over 35 years experience of frontline HSE work, and senior leadership support in high-risk major-hazard facilities across multiple industries and his MSc dissertation covered the role of psychosocial safety and explicit use of fear as a motivational tool in the North Sea offshore oil and gas industry.

Dr. Delia McCabe

Nutritional Neuroscience

PhD Nutritional Neuroscience - University of Adelaide

Masters Clinical Psychology - University of Johannesburg

B.A. Industrial and Organizational Psychology; Law - University of Witwatersrand

Dr Delia McCabe is a powerful spokeswoman for enhancing mental wellbeing via targeted brain nutrition. Delia shifted her focus from conventional talking therapy, after completing her Masters in Psychology. She had discovered that what we eat impacts brain function directly, and came to understand that until the brain is properly nourished no amount of talking can support optimal cognitive functioning.

Delia is now a globally respected speaker on nutritional neuroscience and offers a focused, insightful, evidence-based approach into how specific foods can improve our mood, concentration, memory and learning ability and help us manage stress and remain calm and happy in our busy, stressful world.

Joe Sehee

Peer-support & Social Health

MNA, Non-Profit/Public/Organizational Management

B.A Political Science, cum laude

Peabody Award winning author

Joe Sehee is an internationally recognised innovator in secular spiritual care and social connection as a driver of human flourishing. He is a Peabody award-winning journalist, founder of Green Burial Council, director of Earth Funerals, senior fellow at the Environmental Leadership Program.

In his current role as Executive Officer of Social Health Australia, Joe's work focuses largely on the end-of-life space using the time-honoured art of compassionate listening to mediate meaning, holding hope and building resilience in times of crisis.

Joe facilitates our peer-support programs, as well as workshops on meaning and purpose to combat compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma in care industries.

David Westgate

Mental Health First Aid

Certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor - MHFA Australia

Experience Advisory Panel - Black Dog Institute

Diploma Marketing and Communications - Sydney Institute

David delivers Mental Health First Aid training and certification for Allos. Prior to his current role with Allos, David worked in advertising for 35-years, many of those at a senior level. All while suffering from a rollercoaster-like mental illness known as bipolar 1.

With his lived experience of mental illness and senior leadership, combined with his engaging story-telling style, he is able to bring a level of authenticity and engagement to Mental Health First Aid training that few can match. 

David is also a keynote speaker for the Black Dog Institute. He has spoken to organisations such as the NSW Law Society, the Treasury and even the Friends and Family of Missing People Police Unit.

Our story

Allos entered the EAP space because we were frustrated with the state of the industry; the services on offer were impersonal, crisis-driven, and often unreliable. While many employers were underwhelmed, there wasn’t a compelling alternative. We wanted to be that alternative.

Our founding principle was simple - to bring a human touch back into the EAP industry. We focused on the basics; responding quickly, making a great first impression, then following through on our commitment to always be there.

We listened closely to leadership and learned that the vast majority of issues could have been averted if staff had managed their own mental health early on. However, to do that they needed the knowledge, tools, and a willingness to take responsibility for their own wellbeing. From this, our education and training arm was born to improve mental health self-management and shift mindsets towards one of mutual-responsibility between employer and employee.

Today, our clients recognise that the real value of an EAP is as a strategic partner, not a mere crisis hotline. Staff trust our service in times of critical need, but importantly, most engage earlier - before they are in crisis.

Now, Allos is building a community of clients who believe that better mental health in their workplaces is a non-negotiable. For some, it is because their work is high-risk, so they cannot afford to be reactive. For others, they already have a suite of excellent employee benefits and want an EAP of the same calibre. Others believe it’s simply the right thing to do.

While motivating forces may differ, the trend is the same - a global shift is taking place around mental health. In short; the old, reactive model is proving unsustainable, both economically and in human costs. The future of mental health will focus on prevention, enhancing wellbeing, and systemic approaches where employers will play a key role. Allos Australia is ready to take organisations on that journey.

Our core values.

We Are Authentic

What we do has Meaning and Purpose

We Foster Collaboration

We are Courageous

Our name

Our name is derived from the biological process of allostasis.

Allostasis n. Achieving stability through physiological or behavioural change.

Put simply, for an organism to survive, it must anticipate and respond to the demands of life. We can change ourselves, or we can change the environment around us, but either way, it requires action.

This is proactive wellbeing. This is what we stand for.