Calendar - Mental Health Month Activities to Build Your Connection with Community

Feeling like we are belong to a community that we care about, and that cares about us in return, has a profoundly positive impact on our mental health and wellbeing. We've put together a calendar packed full of activities and resources that you can use to strengthen your connection with community. Click on the image to download your copy 

mental health month thumbnail 2021


GUIDE - 2021: The Return to Work Dilemma

This guide is designed to help leaders like you identify and navigate some of the important legal; risk; and productivity challenges you can expect to face when staff return to the office. Click on image to download
Guide - 2021 - the return to work dilemma

GUIDE - The Employer's Guide to Successfully Getting Workers Back into the Office

After a year of lockdowns and monumental change, the psychological impact of returning your workforce to the office cannot be underestimated. This guide provides employers with clear steps on how to manage the change and minimise the mental health risks. Click on image to download
Return to Work Guide for Employers

GUIDE - The Employee's Guide to Successfully Getting Workers Back into the Office

Survey's show that most employees don't want to return to the office permanently. However, for some workers, there is no alternative. This guide is designed with those employees in mind. It provides clear advice and actions to successfully readjust to office life. Click on image to download
Guide - Employee Guide to Return to Work