Support for Parents of Teens

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Parenting a teenager is hard work and can be overwhelmingly frustrating. Long-gone is that sweet child you knew. Now, between the eye-rolls, resistance, and mood swings, it can seem like you and your teen are fighting a never-ending war. Rest assured, you are not alone. More importantly, support is available if you need it. Why do teenagers rebel against their … Read More

How do you Know if Someone has High-Functioning Depression?

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Depression. For most people, images of endless weeping in the corner of a dark room following a major tragedy spring to mind. In reality, depression can look very different across each person experiencing it. Let’s say you have a work friend who confides in you they’re struggling and think they may be depressed while somehow still smashing their KPI’s, organising … Read More

Infographic – How to keep your home happy in lockdown

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Now that the initial panic of the pandemic has passed and we’re adjusting to working from home, the biggest challenge for many is maintaining the mental health and wellbeing of our families. This is a practical guide we’ve put together to help parents navigate the challenges of self-isolation with our family members throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Infographic – How to adapt to COVID-19

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Emotions are high and it’s easy to worry yourself sick. The world has temporarily changed and so we must adjust. The better we adjust, the more resilient we will be. With all the change, unknowns, and heightened threat level; staying cool, calm, and collected is vital for the mental health of ourselves, our family members and our colleagues. If you’re … Read More

Workplace Narcissism and its Effects on the Workplace

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Workplace Narcissism and The Effects On The Workplace   Being in any kind of workplace can be both a fun and a dreadful experience. Fun, in a sense that everything can be thrilling and exciting. This is especially when you know you’re going to interact with a ton of clients and different workmates in your department. It can be dreadful … Read More

Assertiveness Vs Aggression: Characteristics Of When Assertiveness Become Aggression

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Assertiveness Vs Aggression: Characteristics Of When Assertiveness Become Aggression Confidence and self-esteem are two (2) integral components of our growth, and it’s important we develop these early on in order for us to be able to pursue our respective passions and interests and grow as individuals. Alongside confidence and self-esteem is assertion, or the capacity of an individual to defend … Read More

Child Behaviours and The Demands Of Society On Young Minds

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Child Behaviours and The Demands Of Society On Young Minds One could say everyone looks at children and see them as gifts and blessings to the world. After all, who wouldn’t be captivated by a toddler curious on how the world works, or young students just learning to tap into their talents and learn how they can contribute to the … Read More